Daily Post

Elmo Bouncy House

Ava’s face lit up when she saw the Elmo bouncy house in the courtyard. She kept yelling “Ellllmo!” It was our neighbor, Olivia’s second birthday party. Ava bounced for over two hours, played in the water table and ran around with her friends.

The evening was topped off with an appearance by Elmo! Ava was scared and excited!


Daily Post

Family In-Town

Betsy, Tim and Evan came for a visit this past weekend. We met them at Montrose Harbor and had a picnic and fished.

Ava and Evan stopped the ice cream truck and had a refreshing cool treat.

The evening ending a bit early because of a storm that rolled into the city!


Daily Post

First of Many Camping Trips

We successful completed our first camping trip. We drove to Rock Cut State Park and let nature take over. The Rojas, Grace, Sanchez and Raul families completed our group.
Ava is meant to be in nature. She played, ate and slept hard! We hiked, grilled, played at the park, waited out a short rain storm, made S’mores, laughed and gained a couple of new owies. It was non-stop fun. Ava slept the best she ever has while in the tent. It made me and Dave think about how much energy she needs to expend in order to pass out!


Daily Post

Scooting Away!

Ava use to steal other kids’ scooters, so we decided it was time to buy her one. She started by standing in it while me or Dave pushed her around. Now she is starting to scoot by herself. She’ll be 23 months next week!

Daily Post

Cleanup After Camping

Dave and I did a stellar cleanup job after the camping trip. I was very impressed with our motivation to get everything washed and put away right when came home.

Ava was a big helped and carried her weight. She washed her car and entertained herself for most of the cleansing process. She is just too cute!


Daily Post

Father’s Day 2014 (#2 for Dave)

Ava loves Dave as much as her loves her. Both of their faces glow when they see each other in the morning and when he comes home from work. Dave’s adoration for Ava shows every waking hour of the day. He rushes home to see her and spends all of his free time with her. Ava has the best daddy in the world!

We celebrated Father’s Day with breakfast at Sarkis, a stroll through the zoo and Dave is now enjoying a movie solo.

Next year there will be another daughter for Dave to goo goo over!


Daily Post

Garfield Park Conservatory

Ava and I needed to get out of the house! We have been sick for the past week and needed to get some air. I took her on a peaceful walk through the conservatory. It was perfect!


Daily Post

Sick Puddin’ Face

Ava has been sick for the past few days. She had a high temp for two days, fine for two and now a cold. She’s stuffed up, has a runny nose and a cough. Dave and I feel horrible for her. Here’s to a speedy recovery!