Daily Post

Happy Birthday Mom!

We had a really great Birthday for Christine. The girls decorated the house and we went to a super yummy dinner at Tiny Boxwoods followed by a digging into a huge cake.

Daily Post

The Girls First Sleepover

Thanks you Lundy and the Barrey girls, our girls had an incredible night of fun, food and friends. Christine and I got to celebrate our 10 year anniversary alone while the girls went to Sushi followed by Urban Air and home for a slumber party and and a movie with fresh made donuts for breakfast. Thanks Lundy!

Family Trips

Hawaii Summer 2021

We had a planned a 10 year anniversary trip to The Big Island and plans changed a little and the girls joined us. We has a great trip with lots of beach time, pool time, hiking and good food and desserts. We love family trips and one day they will become more of a vacation =)