Daily Post

Thanksgiving RV Trip

We got lucky with the best spot on the river thanks to Christine catching a release. We had a blast and we all really love camping and being outside and enjoying nature.

Daily Post

Hatari Wildlife Park

Fun time at Hatari Wildlife Park, the girls love the animals and could spend all day driving around and feeding them.

Daily Post

Waffle Time!

Ava bought a new single serving waffle maker last night and could not wait to make waffles this morning. We made waffles while momma was out on a long 18 mile run.

Family Trips

Salt Lake City Summer 2020

We drove Grandma and Grandpa back to SLC after their 2 year stay in Houston to help Amy and Bryce with Emily and Jack. We had a nice road trip and the girls enjoyed a couple weeks of hiking and fun.

Daily Post

Utah Summer 2020

The girls had a blast on a extended summer stay with Grandma and Grandpa full of hiking and bike riding and enjoying the Utah Mountains.