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Thanksgiving 2013

We hosted Thanksgiving this year. Miranda, Dola, Amani, Jasmine, Papa, Nana, and Francine celebrated the holiday with us. It was a busy Thursday!


Daily Post

Best Friends

There isn’t a day that goes by where Ava shows here love for Hoober. He shares EVERYTHING with him. Hoober’s patience with her is beyond what we ever imagined. Ava pulls is tail, ears, rides, climbs and “pays attention” to him all day long. He just lays there and allows her to have fun.
She especially loves to share her food with him!

Daily Post

The Tent

Every night we give Ava sometime to relax and wind down from the day; this happens in our bed. She copies me when I put lip balm on my lips and loves to use our sheet as a tent. She watches Elmo while she is in the “tent.”


Pizza Time

Ava is becoming more fun and interactive each and every day. She mimics us and giggles when we do silly fun things. I decided to hand her a big piece of pizza at dinner and she went right for it like a big girl.


Daily Post

Check out my new PJ’s

These pajamas have been in the closest for a while waiting for Ava to get a little bigger. Check out big pimpin Ava in her new pajamas and momma’s sun glasses.


Daily Post


Bubbles always puts a smile on Ava’s face. She looks forward to them in the bath and is starting to try to blow them herself.

Daily Post

Shedd Aquarium

Ava and I went to the Shedd Aquarium with Auntie Francine today. We loved roaming around looking at all of the different sea creatures. Ava loved the freedom of going from exhibit to exhibit.


Daily Post

First Snowfall of 2013

Ava and I went to a mini reunion with our Peterson friends. We went to Pickle’s Playroom and enjoyed the indoors. Ava had not seen Cole, Oskar, and Addison in a long time. We had to play indoors because of the weather.
Ava enjoyed her time with her friends, but wanted to go outside too!


Daily Post

Ava’s First Stamp in her Passport

Ava took her first international flight. We flew to Cabo for Marcus and Susanna’s wedding. It took five hours to get there and three on the way back.

Ava loved the pool! We stayed at the Pueblo Bonito Resort Sunset Beach and was surrounded by pools. She didn’t care much for the sand on the beach.

Ava saw her first concert at the wedding. Vanilla Ice got the party started! She loved to dance with momma and dada!

What will the next stamp be in Ava’s passport?! Paris?!!