Daily Post

Our Little Actress

Ava loves copying what we do from coughing to rubbing our noses. She started copying Christine yawning and now she is our little actress and does a good job fake yawning when asked.

Daily Post

45 and Sunny

It’s happened…Chicago finally had pleasant weather today. We took full advantage. It has been a long, cold and wet winter. Come on Spring!



Family Day

Had a nice day that started with brunch at The Bongo Room followed by the Swedish Museum. We ended up the day with dinner with Grandpa at Scoozi. We all love Sundays.




Happy Valentine’s Day

We had a nice 2nd Valentine’s Day celebrating with our Angel. Last year was sushi at Sai Cafe and this year we went to Prasino at 5pm. It was a little fancier than expected but we had a nice time and Ava enjoyed checking out the fire place and people watching.


Daily Post

Teddy Bear’s Picnic

Today’s Valentine’s Day. Ava and I went to the Emerald City Theatre to watch the Teddy Bear’s Picnic. She went right up to the bear and kissed it! This one is it shy! She kept trying to interact with the bear, so I had to hold her back. She makes me laugh!



Daily Post

Juice Box Music

Ava and I jumped on the Blue Line train to the Chicago Cultural Center. They played live African music and had a dancer moving to the beats. The venue was breathe taking and the music was right up our alley!