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Mr. Singer

Another frigid day in Chicago means more indoor fun! Our Wed. date with Francine was at Lincoln Park Zoo to watch Mr. Singer. Ava danced, tried stealing snacks from others and had an all around nice afternoon.


Daily Post

Hoober Getting Some Love

Hoober got some serious love tonight from his girls.  Hoober and Ava continue to grow closer and momma continues to tolerate him a little more each day.

Hoober Love


Fun Friend Friday

Ava had a fun day with friend. She started with a play date at Northbrook Court with Kennedy and Charlie. Friday night she got to hang with Raine and Gabe. Ava loves spending time with friends and always has plenty of hugs and kisses.


Daily Post

Free Concert at Whole Foods

Ava loves people and live music. Every Wed. and Thurs. Whole Foods offers a 30 minute live concert for kids. I don’t know if she loved the music or the kids more!
She went up to a few kids and tried to kiss them. So cute! She is very loving and sweet!

Daily Post

Museum of Science and Industry

Ava and I enjoyed the day at the museum with auntie Francine. We try to get together every Wed. for an outing. The city offers free days to every museum each month and are taking full advantage!

Daily Post


Dave surprised me and Ava today at the Sod Room. We decided to venture out to a new indoor playroom. These frigid winter days are getting old!


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Hip Hop Jacobs

Ava has always loved listening to Dada beat box and now that she is a little older she has started dancing and moving each and every time Dada starts.

Daily Post

Ava’s Favorite Song

While Christine and Ava were in SLC for Christmas Holiday, the spent some time with Grandma at church practicing a routine for Christmas Day. Ava was around for most of the practice and she picked up on the routine and fell in love with the song. Whenever we play the song, she immediately goes nuts and we love how she throws her hands over her head like she saw everyone doing during practice.

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Kinetic Sand

Another day in cold, wet Chicago. We chased away the winter blues by making an indoor fort and played with kinetic sand.



Daily Post

Arctic Cold -20 Degrees

Today was the coldest day in 20 years in Chicago and Ava and Momma were pretty much trapped at home. We all made the best of it with plenty of indoor fun.
Arctic Cold 2014

Daily Post

Indoor Play Fun in Sub-Zero Temp

It has been below zero here in Chicago and we are making the most of the time spent indoors. Grandpa in Salt Lake taught Ava to kick and we wanted to make sure she didn’t forget.