Fort Frosty in Park City,UT

This is one of the best places to go with your children! Ava had a ball tubing and being pulled around all afternoon. Dave and I were excited to see her enjoying the snow and the outdoors.
She had fun and we got a workout!


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Ava’s Favorite Toy

Ava has spent more time with this box than any other toy. She nestles herself perfectly in it and likes to be pushed and pulled all over the house.

Good thing Grandpa attached a string to the box. Our backs were killing us!


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Family Photo

The family keeps growing! We were missing Amy and Bryce in the photo. Perhaps we can all be together next year!

The whiskey and drinks were flowing all evening!

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Salt Lake for the Holidays 2013

Ava is in love with the cat, dogs and the mountains. She hasn’t showed real interest in the snow, but that could change when we go sledding or cross country skiing. We are here for almost three weeks and this kid is having a ball!

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Table for Ten 12/25/13

After spending an afternoon at church, we came home and had a delicious holiday meal. My parents, Dave, Ava, Dan, Rhonda, Seanna, Elysa, Sherry and Nick ate a home cooked meal and then went sledding at Sugar House.



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Christmas is for Kids 2013

We spent our Christmas with my brother and his family and my cousin. Ava’s cousins, Seanna (7 years) and Elysa (5 years), we perfect little angels. They played, entertained and loved Ava. The girls called her baby Ava. All
of the cousins shared their new toys with each other. The biggest hit? A kids’ karaoke machine called Rock Star. They sang their hearts out all day and night.


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Frito the Cat

Ava is in LOVE with Frito. As soon as she wakes up, she searches for the cat. All she wants is this cat. The two dogs, Sydney and Athena, have taken a back seat to this feline. I wonder if she dreams about this Siamese?

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St. Hoober of May Street

Ava has developed a strong relationship with Hoober. She plays with him every day, shares her food and just plain old loves him. He allows Ava to do anything to him and she takes advantage of it.

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My angel has said the word I have been most wanting to hear. She says a few versions: mom, momma, and mommy. Her voice is so cute!

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Hanukkah is in the Air

We enjoyed a beautiful afternoon at the Botanical Gardens. We visited the Wonderland Express, which was stunning! They had snow falling from the sky, trains and winter scenes from all around Chicago.
We ended the afternoon with a Hanukkah concert. Ava really enjoyed the live music.