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Ava, Grandpa and the Blackhawks

Grandpa dropped by to see Ava tonight and she was in the middle of a late nap. Ava woke up at the start of game 7 of the Blackhawks and Redwings so we ordered a Pizza and we all enjoyed watching Ava’s 1st hockey game.




Daily Post

SLC May 2013

We had an awesome trip to Salt Lake City for Amy’s graduation and to spend some time with the family. Check out the awesome small gallery of some of the great pics with Baby Ava….

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Ava’s a Lover

Ava was extra loving on this trip. She couldn’t stop kissing everyone! Perhaps because she was surrounded by family 24/7! Makes me want to be near family everyday.


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Emigration Canyon

We drove up Emigration Canyon in our white Jeep (dada’s favorite car). What a view and perfect weather!
We passed Ruth’s Diner,which is an awesome breakfast spot. There were many cyclists on the road…I miss riding!


Daily Post

Amy’s Graduation

Tears filled my family’s eyes when we were at Amy’s graduation. It took 9 years for Amy to receive her PhD in neurobiology and her MD.
Dave and I cannot believe that in just 20 years Ava will be receiving her Bachelor’s Degree!



Daily Post

Ava is a Traveller

Ava was perfect on her first flight!
She slept for half of the flight to Salt Lake and played the other half. Passengers on our flight came up to us and said she was a perfect traveller! It’s in her blood!


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First Airplane Ride Tomorrow

Ava is going on her first airplane tomorrow. We are heading to Salt Lake City for Amy’s final graduation.
We hope that the trip goes smoothly and she enjoys the plane. We shall see!


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As soon as Ava wakes up we sing “Good Morning to You,” followed by saying, “Oh my gosh, it happened
again. You got cudder!” We love this one so much!


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Ava’s the genius

Watching Ava evolve is amazing and it is so cool to see her mimic us and learn from us.  It was awesome watching her take my laptop and use it as if she had done it many times before.

Daily Post

9 month

Ava is changing week by week. Her movements, sounds and facial expressions keep me and Dave smiling.
Her stranger anxiety has really began to show over the past two weeks. All she wants is mama!