Daily Post

Bath Time = Happy Time

One of Ava’s favorite things so far is bath time. She enjoys the warmth and family time and smiles and giggles through the whole thing. Here is a picture of during and after.



Daily Post

Happy 2 Month B-Day

Ava is two months and time is really flying and she is rapidly changing. She is becoming more and more vocal every day and just becoming cuter and sweeter. Happy 2 month bday our little angel.


Daily Post

Ava changing quickly

Ava is changing so much day to day. Things are getting easier and more fun each and every day. Ava is smiling more and making tons of eye contact with is and toys. We are loving every second of being parents and feel incredibly blessed with Ava and our lives.


Daily Post

Ava Is Amazing

We are having a blast with Ava even though she is more work than the average baby. Ava needs to be help pretty much all day and night and does not like laying on her back. We are both really enjoying being parents and watching Little Ava grow and change every day.

Some new pictures have been added under photos. Ava 6ish Weeks