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One day they will not let me dress them in the same outfits.



Daily Post

Future Olympian?

Ava is in her third week of gymnastic’s class and is a little athlete.

Dave and I want her to try everything and have her decide on her passion!


Daily Post

Chicken Anyone?

Harlow’s first taste of chicken was a success.  She downed the soup like a champ.  She definitely has a preference to veggies over fruit.   She will eat sweeter fruits, but you can tell she doesn’t enjoy them as much as her veggies.


Daily Post

Jak Jak Kong

When Harlow hears Jak Jak King she instantly claps.  She really is a happy baby and lights up and laughs when she sees Ava.  She stares at her and loves Ava!

Daily Post

Fun Day In Madison

Mother’s Day weekend was spent in Madison this year.  Amy and Bryce took us to the zoo and fished with us.  Bryce did not disappoint and caught a fish! 

Ava’s first time in a boat was awesome.  She got right in and had so much fun.  This kid is fearless.