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Naperville’s Last Fling

Labor Day Weekend! We made our way to the Last Fling in Naperville. Pony ride, popcorn and roller coasters filled up Ava’s day!



Daily Post


We went back to our old place in St. John’s. William turned two and we were there to celebrate. Ava hung out with her old friends and had a blast. She spent quite a bit of time with Zoey and the bubbles.


Daily Post

Settling In

We have making our way through the boxes and around town. Skokie has a lot to offer for families and kids. We have been to the pool and library, which are both really close. I’d say Ava has been adjusting and enjoying her new life as a suburbanite!


Daily Post

Back to Our Roots

We’ve officially moved to Skokie! Ava’s house warming gift? A trampoline! The move went as smoothly as to be expected and the unpacking is underway.
Hoober seems to love it out here. The rest of us are getting use to the quiet, still neighborhood. The house is perfect for our needs right now!
Ava and Hoober like to wait for Dave to come home at the door together.


Daily Post

Northbrook Days

Ava and I met Tracy and the girls for a day of carnival rides. All of the girls couldn’t get enough of the rides! Happy kids makes for a great day!