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Memorial Day Parade!

Ava had a fun short visit to Northbrook to see the Memorial Day Parade. The morning was really nice but a little warm to spend too much time outside. Ava loves flags and there were plenty of them to look at and enjoy.
Memorial Day Parade

Daily Post

Millennium Park

We are starting off Memorial Day weekend downtown. We are breakfast near the Bean and walked around on this beautiful day. Ava loved splashing around in the water fixtures. Nap and then off to the Graces for a BBQ!


Family Trips

Miami May 2014

Fun Mother’s Day trip to Miami to reveal the sex of Harlow! We got to spend some quality time with Brother Rick and see lots of animals.

Daily Post

Nicest Guy

While in Miami, we had dinner with Rick. What a nice, wholesome and sweet man! He suggested we head to Gulf Stream Racetrack and Casino. It was a bulls eye for Ava. Kids and plenty of space to run around.


Daily Post

Ava’s First Roller Coaster

Who knew that Ava would like rides? She went on the carousel at Lion Country, but kept pointing to the flying animals ride.
Ava rode the “roller coaster” two times and kept signing for more. This opens up a whole new list of places to go!


Daily Post

Jungle Island

Birds were everywhere! We each fed the parrots and explored all types of animals.
Ava gave a few people a good laugh when she hit her chest and made an ape sound when we saw monkeys.




Daily Post

Miami for some Sun and Animals!

We packed up our bags and headed to Miami! The days were filled with sun, water, animals and Ava running around!
We went to Lion Country Safari and Jungle Island. Ava took the wheel as we drove through the open fields in Lion County. She enjoyed climbing all through the rental van equally as much as the animals.
After this trip, Dave and I realized how much energy this child can dispense!




Daily Post

The Perfect Little Flower Girl

Ava went above and beyond today. She was a perfect angel all day from the church to the late evening reception. We are so lucky to have her in our lives and we love her more and more each day.

Daily Post

Ava Was Amazing!

Ava couldn’t have been a more perfect child for Sherry and Nik’s wedding. She made us so proud! She walked down the aisle perfectly, played all day without a fuss and danced the night away. Ava was a riot. Today made us feel like proud parents.