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Sunday Family Funday

We started the day with brunch at 11 City Deli followed by heading over to the Museum Of Science And Industry and ended the day with dinner at Water Tower Place.


Daily Post

Looking Forward To Spring

We can’t wait for spring to arrive after a very long brutal winter. Here a couple random pictures from the last couple days. My favorite is Ava’s bed head from her nap.


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Awesome Family Local Vacation

We took a local vacation to get out of the city and enjoy a indoor water park since this winter has been so brutal and is never-ending. We went to Keylime Cove in Gurnee for 2 nights and Ava had a blast. We enjoyed the water park and ran around the hotel plus we played lots of games and won lots of toys in the different crane games. Saturday afternoon we went to Jump America so Ava could jump on the trampolines. We had to break the rules since the jumping was for kids 3+ but we got away with it for about a half hour and Ava had a blast. Fun weekend and more great memories for the Jacobs Family….
Ava Keylime Cove Weekend


Chicago History Museum

Ava and I are exploring all of the indoor places in Chicago. It’s been cold and snowy here for many months and we need to get out of the house and explore. Ava learned about Chicago’s history and saw many artifacts.


Daily Post

Fun End Of February

Ava had a great month and it momma kept her so busy with a trip each and every day. Here are a couple pics of fun at at the house towards the end of the month and Ava is 19 months old.

Ava Fun End Of February

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Ava The Magnificent

Ava is proud of every new thing she learns. Watch her stand at attention each time she stands and balances the toy. Also notice her hands behind her back each time she does it.

Daily Post

Ava Loves Miss Jamie

Ava caught on camera at the Miss Jamie show at the Kookaburra Cafe. She loves dancing to all of Miss Jamie’s songs