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Halloween 2013

Ava celebrated Julia and Justine’s second birthday today at the Kohl Children’s Museum. It was a costume party. Ava was Yoda and I was Princess Leia.


Daily Post

“I Got It, I Got It”

This evening Ava started standing and walking all by herself without any prodding or helping. Ava turned to us and said “I Got This Momma and Dada” Looks like we will have a little walker joining us in Mexico for Marcus and Susanna’s wedding at the end of the month.

Daily Post

Ava’s First Steps!

Our little puddin’ took her first steps yesterday! She has been a speedster with her push cart for many weeks now. Dave and I are looking forward to this next stage. Watch out world because Ava Jacobs is on the move!

Daily Post

Summer is Coming to an End

The phrase “Time is Flying By” has really shown its face! Summer has passed us by and our angel is 14 months old! We have been to the Farmer’s Market and Emily Oaks Nature Center over the past few days. Dave had fond memories of the nature center. He fished there as a kid!
Ava had a blast at the Farmer’s Market. She cruised in her pink car, ate crossaints, and enjoyed the scenery!


Daily Post

Ava Is Awesome!

Every day with Ava is a blessing and we are loving each and every moment. We are looking forward to each and every stage. We love you Ava May…