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Who’s Walking?!

Our peanut is walking with a push cart! We cannot take enough video. I love it when she is walking and talking at the same time. She’ll be 13 months on Saturday!

Daily Post

Santa’s Village Flashback

Today we brought Ava to a place that both Christine and I remember from childhood. I took Saturday off for double family day weekend and we went to Santa’s Village out West. Ava enjoyed the animals and the many kids and it was a great day with perfect weather.


Daily Post

Ava Continues To Get Cudder!

Ava just gets cudder and cudder each and every day. Dada can’t stop taking pictures of his little girl and one day she will be thankful what a great photographer dada is. Check out a few photo highlights below…
Ava Cudder 1
Ava Cudder 2

Daily Post

Bubbles Academy

Ava and I love Bubbles Academy. It’s an open gym with a lot of kids and toys. We had an extra-special visitor today!


Daily Post

Ava’s 1st Ravinia

Christine surprised Dada with a picnic packed and tickets to Ravinia on Sunday when he returned from a overnight business trip to Philly. Ava had a great time at Ravinia for her 1st time and we all enjoyed perfect weather while listing to a orchestra playing Tchaikovsky. It was a really nice evening with yummy wine and cheese and picnic food.

Daily Post

Lamb’s Farm and Bristol Renaissance Faire

Ava loves animals! Dogs, cows, horses, chickens and all other furry, feathered creatures. We went to Lamb’s Farm with auntie Amy and all had fun. Ava’s love for animals has come from both sides of her family. Ava and the adults enjoyed spending the day feeding and petting the stars of the farm. The day wasn’t over…

We then stepped back in time to the Bristol Renaissance Faire. Costumes, food, goods and more filled the Faire. Ava gobbled up corn on the cob and became a jester for a minute!