Daily Post

Ava’s Doljanchi

The day has come and gone. Ava’s first birthday party. Family and friends came to Mia Francesca’s on Bryn Mawr to celebrate with our little girl. Ava was overwhelmed at her party, as me and Dave predicted. All eyes on her, loud cheering and unable to crawl around is a recipe for a grumpy baby. Overall, Ava tried her best and that’s always good enough for us.
What did Ava choose for her future?
A tennis ball!! Look out athletic world for Ava M. Jacobs!
Our angel is one. Dave and I love her even more than yesterday!


Daily Post

Where’s Your Head Ava?

All the books that I have read about babies list all of the same milestones; rolling over, babbling, crawling, etc. Those developments are exciting, but I am finding out that what is not listed makes my heart pitter patter. For instances, when Ava kisses me and Dave, the excitement she has when she sees Hoober, looking at her face when she pushes the iRobot, the big smile when she sees bubbles, her body language at the water table, and the newest one is Ava showing us she understands that I am asking her to show me her head! Love this little angel!

Daily Post

Dada Using the Sling

It’s summertime right now and we go on many walks a day with Ava and Hoober. Both are equally excited to explore our neighborhood. Dave took Ava and Hoober this morning. He usually carries Ava and comes home with one tired arm. Our baby is getting so heavy! Today, he used the sling which meant both Dave and Ava had a nice, relaxing walk. Ava loves the sling!


Daily Post

Ava Has a Tooth

It has happened! Ava has two teeth cutting through her gums. They are her two lower center teeth. I tried to take a picture today, but she wouldn’t let me. Our puddin face is growing up so fast!



Daily Post

Ava is 11 1/2 Months and Cudder!

Ava is almost a year old and momma is busy getting ready for her Doljabi. Ava is growing up so fast and getting cudder and cudder every single day. She loves taking a dozen walks outside with momma and looks and reaches for everything.

Daily Post

Which Instrument?

Dave and I give Ava every musical opportunity we can find. We always talk about the possibility of musical talent. In fact, we are using a violin as one of the objects at Ava’s doljabi. We shall see if she chooses it!

Daily Post

Ava’s first 4th of July

Today is Ava’s first 4th of July and we had a very nice morning. We went to Highland Park for the parade and fun at Sunset Park. Ava went to her 1st petting zoo and we had a little picnic with Tracy, Josh and the girls.




Daily Post

Ft. Polk, LA

Ava and I took a trip to visit my brother at Ft. Polk. We were sad to leave without dada, but wanted to see my brother before he is deployed to Afghanistan. He is going to help educate the Afghan pharmacists.
We had many proud family moments this trip!