Daily Post

Music Class at Gymboree Old Orchard

Ava has been attending music class at Gymboree for about four months. We sing songs, play instruments and interact with other kids. She has gone from sitting in her spot and playing with what’s in front of her to crawling and choosing an instrument. These are precious moments!



Daily Post

11 Months

Could we love Ava any more? 11 months old today and the love keeps growing.
She started making a clicking noise with her tongue this week. I mimicked the sound and she replied with the same sound! I love how she looks at me and Dave. She lights up, smiles and pays close attention. It melts me every time!


Daily Post

Too Much

Ava loves to explore her world. She want to touch everything and everybody! Dave and I love seeing her eyes and body gestures when we are out exploring! She is one curious lady. Love her to the sky!


Daily Post

Dave’s First Father’s Day

Dave is a dedicated, loving, silly and proud father to Ava. He smiles ear to ear every time he sees her. Ava’s response to her Dada’s smile? An equally big smile!


Daily Post

1st Father’s Day

Sunday was the 1st family Father’s Day and it was an awesome family day. Ava was not feeling well and it started out a little rough but it quickly improved. We started the day with some presents and brunch and ended the day enjoying dinner at Centro with Papa Hoob and Nana. Dada loves Ava beyond words and she continues to get Cudder each and every day.



Daily Post

Ava’s Crawling

10.5 months and our baby is on the move. Happy, little Ava has been practicing her moves on the floor for the past week. Like everyone says, crawling just happens and it did!
She’s our moving love!


Daily Post

Ava’s Best Friend

Ava and Hoober are becoming closer and more loving towards each other every day. We could take 1000’s of pictures and hours of video featuring the two of them. Ava holds Hoober’s paws, pats him and loves every second. Every time Hoober walks towards her, she lights up and gets so excited. I can’t imagine how strong the bond will grow over the next decade.




Daily Post

Kisses for Dada

Daddy’s little girl giving him sweet kisses. It is Monday night and Ava should be fast asleep but woke up after 35 minutes as if it was a nap. We all made the most of it with some late night family time.