Daily Post

6 Month Appt

Ava had her six month checkup today. She is healthy and happy!
It is 60 degrees here today and we enjoyed a nice walk outside. Ava is interested in everything from the trees to buildings. She wants to grab all things within arms reach.
She is rolling in both directions and can sit-up for a few seconds. She grabs for toys and puts everything in her mouth.
Ava got the ok to eat anything so let the fun begin!

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Daily Post

Almost 6 Months

Our little angel is a couple days shy of 6 months and Ava continues to get cuter and cuter. We are very blessed that she is the happiest baby around and becoming better and more fun every day. Ava is reaching and grabbing everything and rolling over constantly. She has become great in the car and pleasure to dine with.



Sitting Up (Almost)

Ava is 5 1/2 months old. She can sit unassisted for about 3 seconds! Dave and I encourage and giggle with every new thing Ava has learned.
We still can’t believe we have a daughter. We look at each other with amazement that Ava is ours!


Daily Post

Shedd Aquarium

We brought in 2013 as a family. We stayed and tried to start a stone crab tradition, but will have to try again next year. The place we ordered from canceled our order without us knowing! There’s always next year.

We went to the aquarium today and Ava was very engaged with the aquatic life. She would stare into the tanks that were larger than life. (Literally)
Dave and I want to give Ava a special shout out today. She was an angel today. She did not fuss or cry once!

We want to make Sundays family outing day. She has so much to see and learn in this world. We are looking forward to our next adventure!