Daily Post

First Time Sweet Potato

Ava is a lucky girl, her momma goes above and beyond when it comes to all aspects of being healthy. Today Christine made fresh homemade organic sweet potato in the Baby Cuisinart today and Ava got to try her first veggie. We can’t wait to introduce her to all kinds of yummy veggies and we both hope she loves them all like us.


Daily Post

5 months

Ava is 5 months today! Time has moved so quickly!

Ava has had a busy past few weeks. Grandpa Lim came into town and met her for the first time. The smile that Ava brought to grandpa’s face made the room shine!
We celebrated Grandpa Lim’s 73rd birthday. He had two parties. One at home and the other at Zed 451where Ava had another first. Both Grandpa Hoob and Lim were there to love her. The two smiles that Ava brought to their faces was so bright that it light up the whole restaurant!
Auntie Amy and Uncle Bryce also came into town. They couldn’t stop saying how cute Ava was and how much she had grown. Auntie Amy carried Ava in the Ergo for two hours, so she could nap peacefully. The fun doesn’t stop here.
Auntie Betsy is coming tomorrow to celebrate Christmas! Also, Ava’s cousins, Evan and Erin, are coming in on Friday. This will be the first time the cousins will be meeting!




Daily Post

Chrismukkah 2012

The holidays are upon on us and Ava is a lucky girl that gets to celebrate Hanukkah and Christmas. We lit the candles last night for the 1st night of Hanukkah and today we visited Santa. We look at Ava every single day and we both smile and mention how blessed we are with our perfect angel. Every day is smiles and happiness with our little Ava angel.


Daily Post

Ava’s 1st Bites

We have been waiting patiently and very excited to start giving Ava something to eat besides breast milk. The doctor gave us the go ahead this week at the 4 month visit. Christine prepared some organic steel cut oatmeal and we gave Ava a few small bites. Very exciting and cute, we can’t wait to share and prepare more food for her. We expect to turn her into a good healthy eater like her parents.